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Verena del Valle
Verena del ValleCertified Child Life Specialist
Kara Kimball
Kara KimballCertified Child Life Specialist
Jackie Raftery
Jackie RafteryCertified Child Life Specialist
Megan Graham
Megan GrahamCertified Child Life Specialist
Barbara Nunez
Barbara NunezCertified Child Life Specialist
Juanita Prada
Juanita PradaExpaciente
ElenaExpatient’s mother
Ari Thau
Ari ThauPatient
Dr. Frederic Ródenas
Dr. Frederic RódenasPediatric Anesthesiologist
Dra. Anabel Jimenez
Dra. Anabel JimenezPediatric Anesthesiologist
Dr. Teresa Franco
Dr. Teresa FrancoPediatric Anesthesiologist

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